Key Benefits

Reduce time to hire

  • Enable managers to quickly create and publish vacancies using predefined vacancy templates and job specifications to streamline the process
  • Generate reference and statutory checks from Recruit
  • Quickly and effectively generate communications for individuals or multiple candidates
  • Interactive interview management
  • Workflow process ensures appropriate levels of governance without imposing inappropriate delays
  • Sifting and selection of applications can commence as soon as applications arrive, allowing processes to run in parallel, supporting a team approach

Utilise existing talent (with Talent Management)

  • Create talent pools for different groupings and purposes, for example for by role, at risk staff, past applicants, and even temporary staff
  • Cost-effectively retain the skills and experience you have
  • Import existing talent into the standard recruitment process
  • Involve past applicants whose suitability and skills have already been assessed
  • Quickly and easily search by skills, behaviours and assessment ratings

Attract good quality candidates

  • Responsive candidate websites, that work seamlessly across all devices, reach a wider audience attracting more applicants and increase quality of choice
  • Easy candidate communication, improving applicant experience and retention
  • Auto-scoring and killer questions filter out unsuitable applications
  • Finely tuned shortlisting and reference related functionality that eases the sort and select process

See a return on your investment

  • Highly flexible configuration reduces the need for future customisation costs
  • Simple page set-ups and straightforward processes that free up administrators for more pro-active roles
  • Job and application information are immediately available in one place
  • Electronic literature and correspondence reduce print and postage costs
  • Talent Management saves recruitment and redundancy costs
  • Ideal platform for service sharing with other authorities

Opportunity for revenue creation

  • The platform makes it easy for current clients to offer shared services and recruitment portals to local or other partners.

Fast and effective implementation

  • Tailored to suit your business requirements
  • Out of the box version available, requiring minimal implementation time and training
  • Design and development team on hand for bespoke requirements

Lower Running and Support Costs - Software as a service approach means:

  • Single fee covers license, support and hosting
  • Regular automatic upgrades – everyone is on the latest release
  • Faster fixes and improvements