Manager Self-Service

Empower your managers to ensure you recruit the right person for the job

Selecting the right candidate to fill a job role within your organisation is by no means an easy task. Historically, recruitment in organisations has been centralised with the entire process controlled by a department removed from the operational areas where the candidates will be working. As the working environment has evolved, managers are expected to take more responsibility for the make-up of their teams and this includes the recruitment of new staff. To facilitate this move a flexible and informed process is needed where HR, Recruitment and managers can work together in order to ensure the right candidate is hired for the job. Managers especially need an intuitive system that will lead them through what can be an infrequently used and therefore unfamiliar process.


  • Reduce time to hire and improve campaign governance from the beginning
  • Direct access, involvement and control for managers in selecting candidates
  • Improve candidate experience for job seekers with direct communications with managers

Recruit’s processing has been developed to create a streamlined and efficient online recruitment process that will enable the tasks and responsibilities of recruitment to be carried out by the individuals who have the greater interest in the process. Managers have easy access to the platform, allowing them to be involved in the recruitment process from the beginning with the creation of the vacancy advert through to the selection and hiring of candidates. This enables the HR and Recruitment teams to carry out their roles of ensuring that vacancies are being correctly advertised to comply with regulation and to attract quality candidates as well as helping reduce the time to hire.

As well as allowing managers to take on the responsibilities for the campaign, the system provides the means to keep the managers aware of the progress of their vacancies and even proactively advise them of upcoming events and tasks.

When application have to be processed and the selection phase of the campaign is underway the managers are able to score on line, set up interview schedules, instigate the required checks and communicate directly with the applicants from their own system. This creates a quicker and more efficient process, with less reliance on HR, which not only benefits the internal teams, but improves the overall value of the recruitment process and the experience for the candidates.