Talent Management

Identify and retain key skills and individuals that are key to success

The people within your organisation are the greatest commodity you have. A considerable amount of effort and capital has been invested in your resource acquisition, as well as in their training and ongoing skills development. As external recruitment levels fall and budgets become more restricted, there is a need to more effectively streamline recruitment processes by utilising internal resources and prioritising opportunities for at-risk employees. This creates a need for a talent management system that supports the maintenance and retrieval of potential candidates, both internal and external.

Recruit’s Talent Management module has been designed to support organisations in not only the acquisition of talent but also in identifying and retaining key skills and individuals key to business success. The module aids businesses in protecting their investments in people through the capturing of skills and abilities of both existing staff and job seekers, providing them with the ability to operate their recruitment process in a more streamlined and cost-efficient way.


  • Reduce advertising and redundancy costs
  • Have instant access to a complete view of your workforce (talent and skills), reducing the hiring process
  • Improve employee experience by ensuring their skills are being used to their fullest potential
  • Motivate and promote career progression staff, improving employee retention

Any number of Talent Pools can be set up by the system administrators as are required, based on any combination of competencies including; job roles, level of experience, skills, education, assessment results, existing staff, at risk staff, new and past applicants, and even temporary staff. The platform enables users to create pools through a number of different methods; completion of a job application, executing a data load from a different source, allowing existing staff to enter their own data through a self-service interface and HR staff to enter candidate details through a new page/form.

As new job vacancies arise, managers can perform a simple search utilising the underpinning Apache SOLR Enterprise Search engine to provide a real-time report of potential candidates whose information is within a specified talent pool that have the matching criteria; including if appropriate, prioritisation for at risk and current staff. These candidates can be automatically entered into the process as submitted applications, reducing the need for advertising and short-circuiting the recruitment process. Recruit Talent Pools can also evolve with changing business requirements, allowing managers to search for a distinct set of skills that they require for a specific role.